Maternity Testimonials

Breech Baby Turned and Leg Pain (Sciatica) Relief

I went to see Dr. Sgambati around my 30th week of pregnancy because I was experiencing sciatica-related pain down my buttock, leg pain and lower back.  My OB told me it was due to issues related to my sacrum.

Dr. Sgambati was referred to me by my Pilates instructor, who was also pregnant and seeing her as well. Her rave reviews, and my ongoing pain, had me convinced that this was something to try.

Within days I felt relief from both the sciatica pain and the lower back pain. Pains that I had just assumed I would  have to live with throughout my pregnancy and maybe beyond.  Since seeing Dr. Sgambati, the pain in both areas has disappeared.  My only regret was that I didn't see her sooner since I had been suffering starting my 12th week of pregnancy.

Separately, in my 35th week of pregnancy I was told at a routine exam that my baby had not yet "flipped" and was sitting breach (babies typically are head-down by 34 weeks). The biggest concern for me was having a breach baby that would have to be delivered by Cesarean section.

My doctor recommended having my chiropractor try the Webster technique.  Dr. Sgambati performed a series of adjustments with this technique  immediately.  Lo and behold, at the end of the second week of adjustments, I went to the doctor for my 37 week check-up and I got the best news of all  -       the baby had flipped!  No C-section!

As a pregnant woman who faced very specific issues and had them resolved competently and safely, I can recommend without hesitation the work and practice of Dr. Sgambati.  

Mary M. - Designer

Pregnancy Care / Fast Labor

Dr. Sgambati is an amazing chiropractor. I began seeing her when I started getting some tailbone and back pain during my pregnancy. I had amazing results and continued to see her weekly throughout my pregnancy. She not only completely resolved the pain issues I was having but she also did a ton of adjustments to ensure my baby was optimally positioned for labor. My labor was incredibly fast (2.5 hours with only 30 minutes of pushing) which I think was at least in part due to Dr. Sgambati. She is really fantastic at her work and she is also a very kind person who really takes the time to explain things. Her office is also very organized and I am usually in and out when I have an appointment. I highly recommend her!

Amy B - Mom of 2

Thank you - I Had The Best Pregnancy

At first, the thought of being adjusted while pregnant made me a bit nervous. I decided to get adjusted and see how I progressed with the changes in my body and weight gain. I am so glad I did. I had the best pregnancy for many reasons. One reason being I did not experience any back pains during the pregnancy, and as everyone knows back pain is a common side effect of pregnancy.... I had my last adjustment 3 days before giving birth to my son William.  My labor wasn't easy but it was quick (1 hour and thirty minutes - natural with no epidural) .  Following his birth, just four days later I received a check up.

I thank Dr. Sgambati for treating me during my pregnancy and educating me on the importance of keeping my back aligned and adjusted during this time.

Michelle H. - Mom of 2